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When a Rich Boy Falls in Love (Sungmin/Zhou Mi, NC17) for pinkymingo
Title: When a Rich Boy Falls in Love
Author: bomchii_97
Recipient: pinkymingo
Characters/Pairings: MiMin
Rating: NC-17
Genre(s): Romance, Fluff, School Life
Warnings: Has sexual content. (Additional mod warnings: non-consensual situations, disrespecting personal boundaries)
Author's Note: Hi! I'm sorry if this isn't in your standards of a MiMin pairing, this is the first time I've done that pair and I hope even though it's the first for me you would still like it. Anyways, Thank You and have a happy holidays :))


I see him.

He was always there staring, blankly at the empty space. He never interacted with anyone, nor speak unless you ask him something. We are on the different sides of the coin. He was not rich unlike me who get almost everything; I just need to say a word. He's an introvert yet I'm always the center of attraction. He's ignored while I'm pampered. He was that kind of guy...And I'm in love with him. Don't ask me why because even I don't know how it all started. He just said a word and I was completely head over heels in love with him. Just one word......

"Zhoumi, aren't you going with us~? We have plenty of time to fish out some girls..." Hyukjae called me excitedly. It was the day before spring break and everyone was celebrating. Of course, that includes me. But, unfortunately on that day, my parents have arranged me to a blind date. I'm only 17 yet I'm going on blind dates! Talk about child abuse.

"No can do, I have to meet 'a' girl..." I said in an apologetic/annoyed smile.

Hyukjae scoffed. "Just one girl? That's boring man..."

Yeah, indeed it is.

"My father said that if you want to, you could date me and you know, do anything." the girl in front of me spoke in a girly way that disgusted me. She's too intimidated just by looking at me; how can she even do what she says she'll do?

I fake a smile. "Sorry, I don't do that kind of thing. And you know, if you want our company's money... you should do a better job than that."

The girl helplessly whimpered as I walked out on her. That's what I hate the most, they do not look at me as me; they look at me decorated with money.

I have no interest at all with people who can't see beyond what they see.

I was walking past a playground, just for a change of scenery when I saw him. He was handing out ice creams to elementary students with that sweet smile of his.

"Hyung~ give me a chocolate one!" one of the children asked, handing out his money, which the man accepted with a wink and then gave him what he ordered. It was just a simple scene but his features made it special, and then it was like slow motion. I felt my heart beat irregularly for a second.

I wondered why the man looked so familiar to me yet so different. I was pondering about those thoughts for almost a week when I saw him again, in our school uniform. No wonder he looked so familiar. He was the representative that held the senior's speech. He was a year older than me, and like a stalker I tried to know more about him.

Apparently, what I observed when I saw him again was the complete opposite of what I saw a week ago. He was stone-faced, no other expressions, no friends, and is always alone. It made me more curious than I had ever been in my life. How can someone who smiled so beautifully ended up pretending he couldn't?

"Hyukkie hyung? Who's that guy?" I asked nudging Lee Hyukjae, one of the seniors and one of my best friends, pointing at 'him' who's in the cafeteria, and as usual eating alone.

"Who?" Hyukjae looked at me, his mouth half full. "Oh~" he nodded in agreement as I pointed at the man cautiously, careful not to be noticed.

"Why are you interested in him?" he asked, eyeing me suspiciously.

I shrugged then scoffed. "Nothing he just looks-"

"Pretty for a guy?" Hyukjae asked suppressing his laughter as I almost choked at what he said.

"What are you saying?! I'm just asking!"

"Yeah right, I saw you looking at him every time. It's about time you asked..." Hyukjae hyung laughed. "He's Lee Sungmin, Senior representative, very smart, has an unusual air of superiority, yet—he has a sharp tongue, that earned him hate to from all of the seniors."

"Is he rich?" I asked out of curiosity.

Hyukjae hyung glared at me. "What kind of question is that?"

"I'm just asking." I shrugged going back to my half-eaten steak, feeling guilty and stupid at the same time. Hyukjae hyung was right, what the hell is that question.

"Well, if you're really curious, the answer is no one knows." Hyung answered, going back to his lunch. "He's a mystery."


I stayed at the park again, well stayed hidden while looking at Sungmin hyung. 'Looking at Sungmin hyung?' I smiled inwardly, cursing myself right after. What the hell am I doing anyway? I'm Zhoumi for crying out loud and here I am, flustered because of this guy who gives ice cream while smiling like an angel.

This time I stayed later than usual, I saw him pack up and arrange his stand for closing, and I ought to follow him to his home. Of course, I know I'm close to being a stalker but I'm really interested in him.

"You should stop staring at me."

I looked up in surprise. His cold eyes are looking straight onto mine like he is intending to melt me with that stare of his. Now that I have heard his voice, it was like a melody, a very rare one.

"W-What are you talking about?" I denied, trying to keep my composure intact.

"I always see you staring at me, at school and in here. Why are you following me?" he asked once again, his eyes still focused on mine, still as cold as ice.

"Don't be full of yourself. I'm not staring, I'm just curious." Mentally scolding myself for acting like a dumb-ass jerk.

"And why are you curious?" he asked as soon as I ended my sentence. I didn't even have time to think of another excuse.

"Because I wanted to be curious..." I answered stupidly. I knew I was digging my own grave but I didn't stop. "Are you poor? Do you want to work under me? I mean, your shabby ice cream stand, won't be enough right?"

He looked at me; I mean he looked at me just like a rich man would look to a beggar. He looked at me with disgust and I felt something twitch inside me. He was...looking down on me.

No one has ever looked at me that way.


He said that with loathing and he left, leaving me dumbfounded, unable to move, frozen, feeling utter disgrace towards myself...

Before I knew it, with that single word of his... I fell in love with him.


"Minnie~ you're back?"

I was greeted with a wide smile, not that I deserve it, but this person here are one of the few people I trusted."Why are you here, it's late Donghae." I asked, throwing the bag unintentionally to my apartment's sofa.

"Omo?! Are you mad?!" he asked looking at the bag then looking back to me.

"Yes. Some weirdo rich kid ruined my night." I said nonchalantly as I sat down beside my bag. "And why are you here again?"

He smiled even wider as he slumped right next to me, his arms around my shoulder. "I pay half of the rent, so I have a right to be here," he said, puffing his chest with his fist.

'This punk!'

"Don't go lifting your own chair on me, I won't buy it. If you're here to boast, the door's open." I spat at him.

He pouted in response. "I'm just joking; I'm your best friend, that's why I'm here. So who's that rich boy who pissed off my cute Minnie?"

Annoying as he is, I glared at him. "I'm not yours, and I'm not cute ~ he's one of my school mates," I replied.

"Want me to give him a whack?!" he offered with that overconfident grin of his that never failed to make my bad mood dissipate.

"Maybe you should." I chuckled.


'Maybe this kid never learned his lesson.'

I cursed to myself as I gave out some ice creams to my regular customers, eyeing the stupid man at the bench. He looked like he was unsettled and uncomfortable since he's wearing thick trousers and hoodies, hoping I won't notice him. Well, he just made himself a total creeper. I know it's him.

He's been in here for almost every day since he pissed me off. At first I thought I could ignore him, but now he's becoming the center of attention, and he really didn't do a great job at hiding from me since all my customers think that he's a pervert now and have decided not to buy ice creams for fear that he'll lunge at them.

I can't take it anymore.

I decided to close up shop earlier than usual, since no one is going near me anymore. 'I'll gouge this bastard's eyes out,' I muttered to myself. I looked up a little, making sure he's still there, and to my surprise, the creeper was preparing to leave.

Before I could think properly, I grabbed the first thing my hand took hold off and threw it to the fleeing stalker. It hit him right smack at the back of his head. I heard a loud groan of pain as the bastard kneeled, holding his head. I stormed out of the ice cream stand and confronted the wincing man.

"What did you do that for?!" he shouted at me.

"It's your fault for lurking around here; my customers think you are a stalker or some crazy guy. Will you please leave me alone?!" I said through gritted teeth.

He never replied as he held his head, wincing in pain.

"What?! is it that painful?" I spat at him sarcastically.

"I'm bleeding." he growled looking up at me.

'Holy~' He's indeed bleeding. It turns out I accidentally threw the stainless bucket where I placed my ice creams, and it has some sharp edges.


Lightly panicking, Sungmin pulled out a handkerchief from his pocket, removed Zhoumi's hands from his head, checked the extent of damage and placed his handkerchief against it. "Put pressure against it, I'll be right back." Sungmin muttered under his breath and the younger man looked up at him, surprised. He ran towards the ice cream stand, took some ice, placed it in a clean plastic and ran back.

"Hold this against your wound." Sungmin instructed, once again his cold hands brushing against Zhoumi's that made the latter's heart run wild despite the fact that he was wounded. He carefully watched as Sungmin tended to his wounds with a glass of water he brought and his handkerchief, placing the ice slowly against it.

"Ouch~" Zhoumi winced in pain and flinched away.

Sungmin made an annoyed sound and said, "Hold still. Don't be such a wimp."

"I'm not a wimp." Zhoumi replied. "It's your fault I'm bleeding in the first place.

"Sungmin eyed him. "It's because you keep stalking me," he replied.

Zhoumi looked at him, shock written all over his face. Sungmin rolled his eyes. "You're obvious." he added. "It's not like I can't notice someone who looks so stupid in that outfit."

Trying to blurt out something in defense, Zhoumi opened his mouth but was unable to say anything due to the shoot of pain from the back of his head.

"You should see a doctor." Sungmin whispered, just enough for Zhoumi to hear, staring uncaringly to his eyes. "I've done enough."

"Wait." Zhoumi stopped Sungmin by grabbing the man's hand unconsciously. "Can't you at least take me there?"

Sungmin sighed, annoyed. "Can't you read the atmosphere? I don't want to- just stop showing up in front of me."

Zhoumi held his tongue as Sungmin forced him to let go.


Sungmin thought that after his rudeness, Zhoumi would stop from returning to his ice cream shop, but looking at the person in front of him wearing plain white shirt and jeans was definitely not what he expected.

"What are you doing here?" Sungmin said sarcastically straight to Zhoumi's smiling face, that made all of the customers flinch at Sungmin's sudden change of attitude.

"I applied yesterday as part-time. I'm working here now," the younger man replied, smiling at him.

Sungmin's mouth was about to fall open, but he managed to maintain his composure. He smiled threateningly instead. "Wait for me at the back please..."

Zhoumi unknowingly obeyed, waiting on the back of the ice cream stand. He was almost waiting for 30 mins when Sungmin appeared from the stand. "What the hell are you planning, huh?" he asked. "Are you out of your mind? I told you so many tim-" Sungmin was cut off when Zhoumi pulled him close, wrapping his arms around Sungmin's hips.

Looking intently at his eyes, Zhoumi took the chance and caressed Sungmin's flustered cheeks. "Too beautiful..." he muttered.

Sungmin blinked his eyes. "What are you talking about? Let me go!" He struggled helplessly, but Zhoumi's grasp became firmer.

The latter leaned in to place a his lips against Sungmin's forehead, making him blush frantically and unable to move to Zhoumi's satisfaction. His lips brushed lightly against Sungmin's skin as he moved down to place a peck on the tip of Sungmin's nose. He looked at Sungmin's surprised eyes and smirked. "I'm not playing games anymore. I'm serious now."

Sungmin was rendered unable to breathe to the close contact, even though his body and brain protested, it just wouldn't budge. His mind was rambling with the paced beating of his heart.

"Sungmin-ah! There are customers—" Donghae's familiar voice broke Sungmin's trance as he pulled himself away from Zhoumi.

"D-Donghae-ah..." he stuttered.

"Who's this?" Donghae asked firmly, different from the tone he previously used, storming towards Sungmin and Zhoumi, pulling Sungmin possibly farther away from the younger man.

"I'm Zhoumi, Sungmin hyung's dongsaeng at the academy; I was just here because I applied for the part time job." Zhoumi explained to Donghae, who stared at him threateningly.

"I don't like you at all; you looked like a rich kid to be doing a part time job," Donghae replied. "Min, can I talk with you?" Donghae asked Sungmin who nodded absentmindedly.


Donghae didn't like the idea, but there's nothing Sungmin could do but to bear to work with Zhoumi, who obviously didn't know any kind of chores. Sungmin wanted to punch him and kick him out of the stand because of the younger man's stupidity, but he can't even go near the man without his heart bursting against his chest.

His face started to heat up by the mere sight of the obnoxious rich kid without him knowing why. The situation became out of hand, yet it doesn't feel uncomfortable anymore, especially when the man works hard to please him.

Somehow, as time went by, Sungmin's expression softened and the feelings he grew so tired as to thinking "what is it" became clearer and clearer.

"Min~ I'm done, should we go home now?" Zhoumi asked Sungmin, who was currently cleaning up the front of the stall. The latter might not hear him because of the noise of the freezing machine and the huge party taking place at the park. There were still too many customers but they needed to close up, final exams were coming and they both needed to study.

The air was blowing off Sungmin's hair, and from Zhoumi's point of view it was almost dazzling. The latter walked nearer, almost inhaling the sweet scent of Sungmin in the whistling air. It was breath taking, it was too captivating.

"Sungmin-ah~" Zhoumi sighed, and before Sungmin reacted, the younger man's arms wrapped around his waist, back hugging him.

"What's your problem?!" Sungmin intended to speak in a blunt tone but it turned out as a soft coo.

Zhoumi's breath was against Sungmin's neck when he replied. "Why are you so damn beautiful?"

Sungmin blushed frantically. "Shut up- stop bothering me..." he replied, with his voice quivering.

Zhoumi's head nestled in Sungmin's neck and a moment of silence passed, in which he placed a light peck on Sungmin's exposed milky skin. "I'm in love with you..." he muttered.

"Stop fooling around." Sungmin replied, revealing the uncertainty in his voice as well as the nervousness he was feeling right at that moment.

"I told you, right... no more games." he said under his breath as he turned Sungmin who was all red in the face. Zhoumi's heart gave a jolt, making him assume that maybe, Sungmin was feeling the same thing.

He lifted the older man's chin as he leaned in for a kiss, waiting for Sungmin's reaction of pushing him away, but to his surprise, Sungmin spoke, not moving from his position.

"I don't know how to love..." he said shakily.

Zhoumi smiled. "I'll teach you how to..." the younger man muttered before leaning in and finally claiming Sungmin's lips.

At first it was a chaste kiss, and Sungmin's quite inexperienced and Zhoumi smiled to that. Well, he likes being the dominant one. He travelled his hands to cup Sungmin's nape since the older man was a little bit hesitant, caressing Sungmin's skin with his thumb to reassure him that what they were doing was all right.

They pulled away in time to take in enough air. "How was that?" Zhoumi asked, his forehead linked unto Sungmin's so that they were not too far apart. He could feel his hyung's body heat travel through him, and it made him much more eager to take in all of Sungmin.

"I-I didn't know how to do this stuff..." Sungmin whimpered, a voice that Zhoumi never heard from him before, it was cute and at the same time, it was turning him on.

"Just follow my pace, you'll be just fine." Zhoumi hummed before claiming Sungmin's lips again. This time he traced the latter's lower lip with his tongue begging for entrance, Sungmin gasped and Zhoumi parted from him a little and said, "Open your mouth a little." It came out as a seductive command, bringing Sungmin an unknown feeling at the base of his stomach; he obliged to the younger man's request and opened his mouth.


A loud moan escaped Sungmin's lips. It was driving him crazy; the feeling of wanting pleasure has never been this bad.

The man above him, like a wild beast, devours him in an instant. Sungmin was pulling the sheets hysterically, arching his back through the surge of pleasure as Zhoumi sucked in his throbbing member, moaning while Sungmin's private part is inside his mouth sends vibrations that lead Sungmin to further mess.

"Mi~ I need you now..." He almost cried as his desires leaked through his own mouth. The man beneath him let go of his throbbing erection much to his dismay and leaned in for a kiss. Sungmin tasted himself on the younger man's mouth.

"So beautiful..." Zhoumi whispered seductively as he let Sungmin suck on his finger, using the man's saliva as a lubricant.

"This will hurt, Min..." he said, placing a soft reassuring kiss on Sungmin's forehead. Sungmin nodded and he felt his back arch through the pain when Zhoumi's lubricated finger entered his aching hole.

It took a few more minutes of thrusting his finger, one after the other so that Sungmin can adjust and when Zhoumi couldn't take it anymore. He whispered a soft 'I Love You' against Sungmin's cheeks and slammed against the man.

Sungmin was in a fit the moment Zhoumi's length entered him. The younger man thrusts slowly at first, and then when Sungmin seemed to match his pace by meeting his thrust, he started to go faster. The slapping of their skin echoed to the walls of Sungmin's apartment, thanking God that Donghae's not there.


The morning blinded Sungmin and he was awoken by last night's pain reverberating through his body. The younger man stirred and nuzzled his head against his chest, not wanting him to let go. Sungmin placed a small smile on his lips as Zhoumi, who seemed to be awake also, kissed the middle of his chest.

"So, is this what lovers usually do on their first night?" Sungmin asked and Zhoumi just shrugged, then in an instant opened his eyes and looked at him like a deer in the headlights.

"L-lovers?" he stammered. "Are you saying...?"

Sungmin pouted, that made another marvelous sight for Zhoumi. "I wouldn't do this with you if I didn't like you too, right?"

Zhoumi leaned in to place a peck on Sungmin's lips. "Thank you Min..." he whispered.

Sungmin giggled and cupped Zhoumi's cheeks with his hands. "Just as long as you teach me how to love, by loving me in the process."

Zhoumi kissed Sungmin's hands and said. "I'll let you experience the only love you need for a lifetime."


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Omg I'm sorry it's taken me this long to tell you thank you! I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed this and will leave you a proper comment full of feels when I get to my computer. Thank you again <3

"Because I wanted to be curious..."
LMAOO!!! mimi ah~ what kind of answer is that??!! lol so funny XD
LOL so mimi is interested in a person who scolded him "brat"?? because no one ever scold him that way? XD

"It's not like I can't notice someone who looks so stupid in that outfit."
LMAOOOO!! he is indeed sharp tongued XD

OWH WHAT?!! they make out in the park with all the customers passing by??!! seriously?! >.<
and is that too fast??! LOL!!! a little bit too fast to the conclusion >.<
this was such a adorable fic!!
mimin !!!

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