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Modern Love (Ryeowook/Sungmin, R) for kat_elric
Title: Modern Love
Author: silkekim
Recipient: kat_elric
Characters/Pairings: Sungmin/Ryeowook and Heechul
Rating: R
Genre(s): AU in which Sungmin is a photographer and Ryeowook a waiter and… they have a blog?
Warnings: the general warnings that follow something R-rated; blow jobs, partly nudity, sex, swearing, etc., no explicit sex though
Author's Note: The prompts I was given, were these pictures with quotes from tumblr and I thought; well, that’s what love is nowadays, isn’t it? And… this was the product made from that specific thought. There you go. Made from these prompts: 01, 02, 03

A late afternoon sun shone through the high, tilted windows of the rented top-floor apartment, making the dust in the air visible in its ray of light.

“What are you doing?”

The voice asking was sweet and gentle and Sungmin eased into the arms that was holding him from behind, not taking his eyes of the computer screen.

“I’m writing an entry about how we met.” He answered, lifting a hand to protect his eyes from the sun radiating through the windows, slightly warming up his cold and stiff body, which hadn’t moved from the spot in front of the computer for several hours.

“A warm afternoon in October I went on a weekend trip to the countryside. I was taking a walk when I saw him for the first time. His cheeks where blushed, his skin pale and his lips spread in a heart-warming smile. I knew that I loved him, from the moment I lay my eyes on him.” Ryeowook read the words aloud and stopped with an almost harsh laugh.

“That’s not how it happened at all!” the younger boy shook his head, still laughing. “Are you deliberately lying or do you honestly not remember?”

“I wouldn’t call it lying. I’m…” Sungmin searching for an appropriate word for while, then answered; “romanticizing.”

He turned around to face his boyfriend. “Would you prefer I write the real story?”

Ryeowook answered with a cringe. “On your blog? For everyone to see? I’d rather you didn’t.”

This time it was Sungmin’s time to laugh and he rose from his seat, only to cup Ryeowook’s small face in his hands and gently kiss him. “Our meeting is far more romantic than anything I can come up with. I wish you’d let me write it for the world to read.”

The younger boy blushed deeply, not returning his boyfriends gaze at him. “You know I can’t resist you..” he muttered, then stumbled confusedly out the room, mumbling some incoherent words about having to leave for work.

Sungmin rubbed his eyes, wondering how long he had been writing while going to the kitchen for another cup of coffee.

His phone rang just as he took his first sip of the now lukewarm drink. “Yoboseyo?”

“Sungmin-Shi, can I beg you a favor? One of our photographers just cancelled, we really, really need someone to fill out for him -”

The blond guy took another sip of his coffee, while listening to the guy in the other end of the telephone begging, then interrupted him; “Heechul-hyung, don’t worry, Ryeowook isn’t at home right now, so I’ve got nothing better do anyway.”

A relieved sigh followed by curses, for not saying so right away.


The light at the studio was too bright, too white and artificial, nothing like the natural sunlight Sungmin adored. He wasn’t meant for taking photos of stiff models in uncomfortable clothes.

“Why doesn’t he want you to write the real story?”

Heechul could be a pain in the ass and honestly wasn’t among Sungmin’s best friends, but nonetheless he appreciated the man’s straightforwardness and ability to read the mood.

“I don’t know.” He answered with a shrug, waiting impatiently for the next model.

“What? Is your love-story that embarrassing?”

“wait, what- no.” Sungmin turned to face the magazine director, dressed in fashionable clothing and with a pair of black thick-rimmed glasses framing his feminine face. “No, actually, it’s quite romantic. It’s… almost 3 years ago now? I forgot my phone in this café where Ryeowook still works…”

…Sungmin had been in the café for a business meeting with a client and had been so excited about getting the job that he, when following the client out, had forgotten his phone on the table and didn’t discover so until he was home.

No big fuss though, he simply went back the following day to get it back. And behind the counter this stunningly beautiful boy was standing, following him closely with sharp eyes and even sharper cheekbones.

“I forgot my phone here yesterday.”

The young man handed him the phone, turned off, and said; “if you know the password, I’ll assume you’re telling the truth.”

Sungmin entered it and showed the unlocked phone to the waiter behind the counter before ordering a caffe latte. He couldn’t make himself leave.

He sat down at a nearby table, from where he was able to keep an eye discreetly on the waiter most of the time. Being away from his phone for a day was harder than he had imagined, and he immediately opened all of his social networks; cyworld, me2day and twitter first of all. Some tweets from his brother Sungjin, some from friends and a few k-pop idols he followed, something in English he didn’t bother to understand and then:

‘Kim Ryeowook followed you’

Sungmin clicked the name and was redirected to @ryeong9’s twitter profile. As soon as he saw his photograph he recognized the guy as the waiter. He had since then often wondered if Ryeowook deliberately had looked at his phone for ways to stalk him, but had never asked. Even when he first found out, all he did was to send a tweet:

‘If you want to ask a coffee bar-staff member out, where do you take him? He must be sick of being in a café, right?’

Well below the 140-limit.

A reply came in barely a minute later.

‘@imSMI The movies? I wanna watch A Werewolf Boy~~ kekekekeke’

Heechul nodded silently towards the model walking in on the set and Sungmin snapped some photos until he was sure he would be satisfied with at least a few of them. Then he returned to his talk with his friend.

“Surely your cute Ryeowookie doesn’t want you to post that on the internet for everyone to see. Your story makes him look like a stalker, going through another person’s phone like that. I would have killed him, if it had been my phone!”

Sungmin shrugged and started packing up his things. “I don’t think so. I think it’s romantic, in its own… modernized way, I guess.”


Eventually Sungmin didn’t make it home before Ryeowook, though he would have liked to. The feeling when he opened the door and his boyfriend called out his name made him smile anyway. Somehow it made him feel comfortable knowing that this black haired boy he had picked up at a café would always be here to greet him, when he came home from work late.

Knowing his boyfriends habits Sungmin went to the bedroom straight away. Ryeowook was busy folding their laundry neatly when Sungmin grabbed his waist from behind and kissed him softly in the corner of his neck. “Hi love.”

The slender boy turned around in his arms, making them stand face to face, and put his arms around the blonde’s neck. “I’ve missed you.” He says the words almost breathlessly and that’s all it takes to make Sungmin’s heart rate increase.

“Did you see Heechul hyungs tweet?” Ryeowook continues. “He wrote ‘So goddamn difficult to work with’ hashtag ‘people in love’.” The black haired boy even pronounces the words ‘people in love’ as if they were one word, peopleinlove.

He lets his arms slide from Sungmin’s neck and down to his shirt, which he opens button by button, slowly, while remaining eye contact and with a devious smirk.

It doesn’t take long for Sungmin to decide, that he wants Ryeowook to lose his shirt as well, but the younger is faster and is already at his knees, taking his member in his mouth, never losing neither the eye contact nor the devious smirk on his lips.

Just then, as Sungmin rests his hand against Ryeowook’s skinny shoulder, he thinks to himself that he definitely prefers today’s version of love, compared to how they did it in older times. But then Ryeowook does this thing with his tongue along Sungmin’s tip and makes the blonde completely unable to think of anything but the boy in front of him for the next hour.


Their apartment is small, old and dusty and most of the sunlight comes at afternoon, when the sun is setting, but it’s still the morning-brightness of the room which manages to wake up Sungmin.

Both of them have the day off and Ryeowook is still sleeping. Sungmin doesn’t want to leave this cute, sleeping boy by his side, but he is also reluctant to waste his day away. So in the end he gets up from bed, just to reach for his camera and take a photo of his sleeping boyfriend.

His dark hair is spread out on the pillow and the faint light through the tall window makes it shine and resemble an angel’s halo. Sungmin always makes sure to have at least one of his many cameras and his laptop nearby and when he sits back down in bed, he immediately reaches for his laptop.

His start-page is his own blog, all his bookmarks are other social networks.

The blog is filled with selcas or photos of Ryeowook, or of both of them together, usually with some or very little text as well. In the sidebar there’s a describtion Sungmin hastily wrote, when he first started the blog:

</i>‘Hi, my name is Sungmin~!
I’m a professional photographer, but
in my spare time I’m 100% dedicated
to the love of my life, Ryeowookie! If
you read this blog you’ll see a lot of
photos of him and me doing cute stuff
and being in love. You might get
a little lovesick yourself, so be careful!’</i>
Yeah, he might have overdone the cuteness a bit, he thinks to himself. It’s a recurring thought, but he never actually does anything about it.

He starts typing a blog entry:

‘Ryeowookie, you’re too beautiful when you’re sleeping.
Look at your halo, like an angel, kekeke.
But I know, that inside, you’re a snarky little devil.
I love you so much. I don’t believe that anybody feels the way I do about you now.’

Above the text he posts the picture he took just now. He doesn’t have time to press the post-button before the boy next to him yawns, stretches and wake up. He smiles up at Sungmin, who leans down to give him a quick kiss on the lips.

Still half-asleep the younger of them takes a peek at the computer screen.

“Even now? I bet no one is reading that stuff anyway.” He complains with a voice still husky.

“You’re my number one reader, aren’t you?” Sungmin laughs it off. “Besides, I have a counter that hits about 1.000 views a day.”

Ryeowook drags himself into a sitting position, then puts an arm around Sungmin’s waist and gives him a sloppy, wet good morning-kiss.

“How much do you love me?” he asks and leans his head against the elder’s shoulder.

“As much as there are fish in the sea, trees on the planet and stars in the universe.”

“You’re too cheesy. Prove it.” Ryeowook laughs, yet manages to make his words sound like a dare.

“I’ve planned to spend the rest of my life proving it.” Sungmin answers, not caring that he’s only getting even cheesier with every comment.

He presses ‘post’ before closing the laptop and carefully placing it on the floor next to the bed, then facing Ryeowook, only to return the sloppy kiss he gave him earlier with a far more passionate one. He places a hand on Ryeowook’s chest and forces him gently down in bed once more.

His hands search the contour of Ryeowook’s pajamas, feeling up his body as if it was his first time touching it and Ryeowook’s body react just as it’s supposed to, just as Sungmin know that it will and it’s what brings him both butterflies and comfort.

Later, when Sungmin squeezes into his tight jeans, he notices Ryeowook looking at him with a different kind of smile. The younger of the two walks up to him only to caress his thigh and whisper softly; “this is one of the million things I love about you.”

“What are the other million things?” Sungmin ask, flattered, curious and slightly aroused by Ryeowook’s unpredicted touch.

“You would know if you read my tumblr.” By his last word Ryeowook’s smile has returned to its usual angelic smile, making Sungmin if possible even more itching to know the URL.

He tenderly presses his lips against his boyfriends and even when he opens his mouth to speak, he doesn’t let go of the contact between them, giving the words from his mouth to Ryeowook’s; “we’re too fucking dependent on the internet,” he says, like it’s some sort of secret they’re sharing.

“Fucking,” Ryeowook repeats, as if that’s the only word he has heard, smiling wickedly.

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So sorry it took so long for me to read this (life has been crazy!), but....


It is so cute and fluffy and adorable! I love the addition of Heechul who can't stand the mush of them, so funny! Thank you for this it was very enjoyable. ^_^

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