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Us (Kangin/Leeteuk, PG) for the community
Title: Us
Author: scampers3212
Recipient: The community
Characters/Pairings: KangTeuk
Rating: PG
Genre(s): Romance
Warnings: None
Author's Note: Please enjoy~ Merry Christmas

It was his favorite place in the world, that little coffee shop. It did not have a name, just Cafe, but that was all he needed. All he needed was the warm smell of the vanilla and coffee beans with hints of caramel and chocolate. Most people moaned and groaned about having to go to work every morning but he did not, never did. He would get up at 6 sharp to start his 7 opening shift three days a week and would be on the clock till noon but he always stayed late every time, even came in on days he was not scheduled to work. He was always smiling and gave every customer the same warm greeting and asked of their day had been going alright so far. The man's name was Kim Youngwoon but his name tag was labeled 'Kangin' which is what everyone knew him by.

All customers knew the young man with the strong build and warm smile that greeted them each and every morning. At first he comes across as rather fierce due to his build but once he smiled all the suspicion melts away and you can't help but grin back at the man with the infectious smile and stunning crescent eyes. With his looks Kangin attracts many female customers who hope to catch his eye and men think he is a regular flirt who doesn't know what goes on around him but Kangin knows what they are doing. He knows exactly what they are doing.

Kangin lets them have their fun, harmless flirtations and tricks but he does not reciprocate them. He can't tell them to leave, the shop would lose half its customers, he simply does not wink back. At first the girls think he is merely playing hard to get but after a while they see that he simply is not interested so they let it drop but constantly tease him about his 'mystery girlfriend' to which Kangin merely laughs and hands them their order and change.

He knows that he can not keep his secret forever but the thought does not really bother him and he just reaches under the collar of his shirt to grip the metal on the chain around his neck. That simple piece of metal symbolized just as much as this simple corner shop did for Kangin. Without this shop he wouldn't have this simple piece of metal. He wouldn't have his love without this cafe. The ringing of the bell brings Kangin out of his dreams and he puts on his usual cheerful grin and greets the customer, taking the older man's order and telling him to cheer up, his drink was on the house. The man was stunned for a moment before he hesitantly took the drink the young cashier held out to him and felt a grin of his own tugging at his lips. He took a drink and found that it was the most amazing cup of coffee that he had ever tasted. The man thanked Kangin profusely. Kangin merely shrugged it off and wished the man a good rest of his day.

His manager, a kind hearted middle aged man, approached him after the man had left and laughed at him, "This is why you make so much less then you really could Youngwoon."

Kangin gave a small smile. "That is why I took this job, to serve others."

The manager joked that it was coming out of his paycheck but Kangin did not mind that. The manager caught the shrug and decided to play his hidden card.

He walked over and slung his arm around the younger man's shoulders and pulled him closer to whisper into his ear that he could finally buy the ring he had been eyeing. Kangin blushed but gave the man a shy smile.

His boss gave him a warm smile, "I can give you the advance you need to buy her that ring."

Kangin immediately shook his head, "That would not be fair to everyone else here!"

"But you have been waiting so long." the manager offered.

The younger worker simply smiled and shook his head."We are in no hurry and if I am going to get that ring I am going to earn it the honest way." Kangin confessed.

He went on to say that he had enough time to take his time and enjoy his life at the present. The manager shook his head in amazement and went back to the back to check on the coffee. Kangin appreciated what his boss was trying to do but he didn't think he was quite ready to take the next step.

He would take the step when he was ready and even he felt his love was ready. He sighed happily as he fingered the ring around his neck as he remembered how his love had come into his heart, into this very shop months and months ago. A stormy evening right before closing, a soaking wet figure asking for shelter from the rain and a single cup of plain, black coffee and somehow they ended up where they were now.

Not many people knew about Kangin's relationship and he preferred it that way: the less people knew the less questions were asked. Really a lot of his friends didnít even know; he was not sure how they would react. He had never really talked about his sexuality and his friends had never asked.

Why offer up information where it was not asked for?

They had been together for a while, not many, many years or something even close, but long enough that Kangin finally had the guts to ask his love to move in with him in his single apartment.

His love had said yes.

They didn't have much but for the young couple it was enough. His lover, another young man just a few years older than himself, was a simple waiter and part time librarian when he felt that they needed a bit more. Kangin himself worked a second job as an assistant mover when he needed a bit more change in his pocket. Both men helped pay the rent and bills and neither complained. About a month ago he had gone to the store just down the way and bought a simple pair of plain matching rings and had given one to Jungsu who had accepted the cheesy gesture with tears in the corners of his eyes. It was at that moment Kangin decided to buy Jungsu a real ring, not just a cheap $5 one but a ring made of real silver and maybe, just maybe, he could work up enough money to get it engraved.

He felt his pocket vibrate and quickly slipped his phone out of his pocket and smiled to himself; his Angel was coming over to see him on his break. He sent his reply swiftly and was about to put his phone away when he caught sight of his home screen. It was a picture of the two standing in front of this very cafe, smiling with Kangin holding his smaller lover in his arms against his chest. Kangin felt himself fall in love all over again at the sight of his lover; that blonde hair that came down to just brush the nape of his neck, those smiling onyx eyes, that wide and innocent smile with that adorable dimple making an appearance in the corner of his mouth. That photo was all Kangin needed to make it through the day.

The door opened and Kangin looked up to see that very dimple flashing at him. Kangin answered with a smile of his own as he greeted this special man, his love. And he could not help but think of how lucky he was at that very moment as he wrapped his arms around Jungsu once more and the light clanking of metal as their identical promises met once more.

"How has your day been Kangin?" Jungsu purred as he nuzzled into his neck.

ìIt has been productive to say the least.î Kangin chuckled at the memory of his manager.

"Oh really," Jungsu looked up "and why do you say that?"

Kangin quickly grabbed two cups of black coffee and lead him over to a secluded corner of the café and explained the situation to him. "The manager offered to give me an advance today."


"He saw me glancing at a ring for you a few weeks ago apparently and offered to give me an advance to buy it for you." Kangin blushed a bit.

Jungsu cocked his head, "Youngwoon, I did not think anyone knew about us thought."

Youngwoon shook his head "He does not know about us, he think I am dating a girl. Actually he thinks I am going to propose to one. He was just being kind and offering to help me move forward."

Jungsu laughed and shook his head. "You know Kangin, maybe it is best if we told your friends about us..."

Kangin shook his head, "Now is not the time to worry about that. First we must figure out how to settle down and make sure our own lives are at a point to where we can worry about extra stress and all of those kinds of things. We are not at that point yet."

"But Youngwoon-"

Kangin placed a finger over the other maleís mouth, "We will do it when the time comes Jungsu."

Jungsu sighed and nodded in agreement.

The break was over even before it felt like it had begun and before long Jungsu was waving good bye to Youngwoon as he stepped out of the shop and went back to his work, leaving Youngwoon behind to work for the rest of his shift.

He went back without worry and simply began to make coffee once more. He was deep in thought and did not hear the man behind him, "Is that your special person?"

Kangin jumped and turned around to see his manager giving him a small, understanding smile. Kangin looked away and nodded hesitantly. The manager smiled and patted his back, "You do not need to worry Kangin. It honestly does not matter to me. You two are very adorable together really."

Kangin blushed and muttered his thanks to the manager who merely laughed and walked away to leave Kangin blushing and confused. He went back to work and thought about how simple that had been. There had not been any drama or accusations, no nasty comments or name calling. The manager had simply accepted him for who he was.

Would they all be that simple?

Would they all accept him that easily?

Kangin hoped so. He honestly didnít want to cut ties with anyone in his life, he loved them all dearly. His manager had given him a small vote of confidence and made him think that it would be easier than he had originally thought it would be to tell others.

He shook his head and smiled, now was not the time to worry about that. Now was the time to focus on his own life, with Jungsu. Now was the time to worry about Jungsu and how he settled in with things. Jungsu was his main concern.

Maybe his parents did not know, maybe even most of his friends did not even know, but that did not bother him. Now was not the time to worry about that. As long as he was here in Jungsuís arms he did not need to worry about what other people thought or what they would do when they found out. He would be lying if he said he was not scared whenever he thought of what would happen when his friends and parents found out but it did not loom over him with every move.

Even if his friends rejected him, even if his parents disowned him, he did not care because he would still have Jungsu here with him. Jungsu would always stay by his side.

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