2012 Master List & Author Reveals

2012 Master List

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Thank you to everyone who helped make this a success, especially our fantastic pinch-hitters goldintheshadow, ava_lava, mysapphiresky, and mywookness.

May you all have a healthy and happy holiday season and new year! :)

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Specialty Coffee (Kyuhyun/Zhou Mi, Han Geng/Heechul, Siwon/Sungmin) for static_abyss
Title: Specialty Coffee
Author: goldintheshadow
Recipient: [personal profile] static_abyss
Characters/Pairings: QMi, Hanchul, Simin
Rating: PG
Genre(s): Romance, fluff
Warnings: Zhou Mi being his dramatic flaily self
Author's Note: Almost 4000 words in two days! *victory dance* I'm sorry your original author had to drop, static_abyss, but I'm really glad I got to write this story!! I had a lot of fun with your prompts! Much thanks again to my dear beta, greyplain, who puts up with me blowing her off for QMi and then spazzes with me over how silly Zhou Mi is. I hope you enjoy this!

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In Which Kyuhyun Hates Coffee But Yesung Doesn't (Kyuhyun/Yesung, PG-13) for carmine_pink
Title: In which Kyuhyun hates coffee but Yesung doesn’t
Author: cheese_on_sauce
Recipient: carmine_pink
Characters/Pairings: Kyuhyun/Yesung
Rating: PG-13
Genre(s): Romance, Light Angst, Friendship
Warnings: Brief mentions of child abuse, extensive discussion of coffee!
Author's Note: I really really hope you like it! I tried to use as many of the prompts as I could and I think they worked well together!

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Only Human (Eunhyuk/Donghae) for amalious
Title: Only Human
Author: pinkymingo
Recipient: amalious
Characters/Pairings: EunHae, Sungmin, Hinted!KyuMin, Mentioned!Tiffany
Rating: PG
Genre(s): Sort of angst, romance, AU
Warnings: None
Author's Note: This might not be what you wanted, but I hope that you like it anyway. I’m not the best with angst, but I really tried. Also, a big thank you to all three of my betas.

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When a Rich Boy Falls in Love (Sungmin/Zhou Mi, NC17) for pinkymingo
Title: When a Rich Boy Falls in Love
Author: bomchii_97
Recipient: pinkymingo
Characters/Pairings: MiMin
Rating: NC-17
Genre(s): Romance, Fluff, School Life
Warnings: Has sexual content. (Additional mod warnings: non-consensual situations, disrespecting personal boundaries)
Author's Note: Hi! I'm sorry if this isn't in your standards of a MiMin pairing, this is the first time I've done that pair and I hope even though it's the first for me you would still like it. Anyways, Thank You and have a happy holidays :))

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Think We Kissed But I Forgot (Kyuhyun/Yesung, PG-13) for domofo
Title: Think We Kissed But I Forgot
Author: carmine_pink
Recipient: kingdra
Characters/Pairings: Kyuhyun/Yesung
Rating: PG-13
Genre(s): College AU, romance, humor
Warnings: Mentions of drinking, my limited knowledge of The Sound of Music
Summary: Jongwoon doesn’t remember how he ended up in Kyuhyun’s bed. Kyuhyun takes advantage of the situation. The title is from “Last Friday Night” by Katy Perry.

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Morning Dew (Han Geng/Siwon, R) for lopkite
Title: Morning Dew
Author: mywookness
Recipient: lopkite
Characters/Pairings: Siwon/Han Geng
Rating: R
Genre(s): Angst
Warnings: mentions of death
Author's Note: I chose to write the story in the original ballet depiction of “The Swan Princess” instead of the animated version. I hope you like this version though, and that the SiHan is good enough for you! Happy Holidays!

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Original Soundtracks (To Our Love Story) (Kyuhyun/Sungmin, Ryeowook/Yesung, PG-13) for the community
Title: Original Sound Tracks (To Our Love Story)
Author: mywookness
Recipient: the community
Characters/Pairings: Kyuhyun/Sungmin, Yesung/Ryeowook
Rating: PG-13
Genre(s): Fluff, Romance, Humour
Warnings: Coarse Language
Author's Note: I do not typically write this pairing (like ever), so this was a challenge for me but the prompt made me wanted to try the best I possibly can. And you are someone that I look up so much to, and I know that you were working really hard this year, and believed that you deserve a good story. Happy Holidays!

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A Million Tears Into the Sea (Donghae/Kyuhyun, PG13) for silkekim
Title: A Million Tears Into the Sea
Author: sparksfly7
Recipient: silkekim
Characters/Pairings: Kyuhyun/Donghae, friendship!Kyuhyun/Ryeowook
Rating: PG-13
Genre(s): ANGST, Romance, Friendship, Hurt/Comfort
Warnings: Major character death, Depression
Author's Note: This is really depressing; I’m sorry if I’ve made it too sad, but the prompt couldn’t really be interpreted any other way. I hope you like it!

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Modern Love (Ryeowook/Sungmin, R) for kat_elric
Title: Modern Love
Author: silkekim
Recipient: kat_elric
Characters/Pairings: Sungmin/Ryeowook and Heechul
Rating: R
Genre(s): AU in which Sungmin is a photographer and Ryeowook a waiter and… they have a blog?
Warnings: the general warnings that follow something R-rated; blow jobs, partly nudity, sex, swearing, etc., no explicit sex though
Author's Note: The prompts I was given, were these pictures with quotes from tumblr and I thought; well, that’s what love is nowadays, isn’t it? And… this was the product made from that specific thought. There you go. Made from these prompts: 01, 02, 03

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